ME Consultant: The mastermind

13 April 2022

1 June, 2017: Arada’s Head of Architecture, Elie Mrad, discusses the design strategies used in Nasma Residences

“I joined Arada in January, and immediately started working closely with our CEO. We began addressing and establishing rules and principles, and I think we were quite successful because of that. The design of Nasma Residences took four months, and we’re already in the sales process. It usually takes longer than four months to complete a masterplan, but we worked hard and I’m proud of the fact that we came up with all the plans and documents in such a short period of time,” says Elie Mrad, head of Architecture at Arada.

“It’s a nice challenge to work on a residential development in Sharjah. It’s the first project of this type for me, and I tried to deliver a contemporary community by addressing all the requirements that were made by the customer and developer. It was challenging and fulfilling to achieve the design intent,” Mrad says with a smile.