Gulf News: Where you can find the cheapest one beds in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah

13 April 2022

Gulf News: 22 May, 2018

A tenant in Dubai looking for the cheapest one-bedroom option might have to set his sights outside of the city’s freehold communities. And head for Deira, where he might get lucky with a one-bedroom starting from Dh35,000 a year, according to data from Asteco.

For a similar bargain option in Sharjah, the tenant should seek out either the Rolla area or Al Butina, where a one-bed starts from Dh18,000. And in Abu Dhabi, the best rent options from a low entry perspective, would be in Khalifa City or MBZ City, where leases start from Dh40,000.

Pressure on what landlords can command as rents continue across the emirates, though much will eventually be decided by new supply getting completed this year.

The Dubai real estate market is becoming increasingly fragmented, which has widened rental rate ranges considerably,” the Asteco report notes.

Whilst the overall quarter-on-quarter decline for the residential sector has been minimal at 1 per cent, it is important to note that newly handed over, lower-end buildings in areas with significant supply potential, have struggled with take up, particularly where rates and incentives were not aligned with the market.

Over a 12-month basis, rents in Dubai have dropped by around 10 per cent.