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urban living in the heart of Sharjah

We believe in the power of community. We believe that the home is more than just a single house, it’s a place where you can feel as though you belong. We believe in creating homes in which you can raise a family, carve out a space that is solely yours, and fill it with a lifetime of memories. That is why we created Nasma Residences, and why they are the most affordable freehold homes Sharjah has ever seen.

Homes at Nasma Residences

From magnificent Signature Villas to spacious and well-designed Townhouses, all set within a green and landscaped area with exceptional amenities, you’ll find your perfect home at Nasma Residences.

Experience the best of Nasma Residences

Explore lush greenery

Enjoy neighbourhood parks and a 13 acre destination park with hilltop


Shopping and dining on your doorstep

Your neighborhood community centre has a range of retail, lifestyle and eating options


Smart sustainable homes

Live in a spacious, well-designed home in the heart of a beautiful community


Experience the best of Nasma Residences

From green parks and sports facilities to supermarkets and cafes, there’s plenty for you and your family to enjoy

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